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Makers, draw more attention to your events!

Today's update brings a lot of useful features for makers! Attach links to your events and add text descriptions to them. Edit your events and attract more people by adding beautiful backgrounds. We also got a dashboard!

Dashboard πŸ”‘

This is the foundation for all our future features. This allows you to quickly create and track events created by you. For more convenience, events are divided into β€œupcoming" and "past" tabs. You can also quickly go to the event page by clicking on the event card.

User Dashboard

You can log in with one click using Apple or Google. No usernames and passwords.

Event customization πŸ–Œ

Events created in the dashboard are now editable! Now you can change the name, Emoji, date and time of the event. You can also change the background and add attachments (more on this below).

Introducing Attachments πŸ’«

Meet the attachments! These are useful blocks that you can add to your event page. They give your pages new functionality, and there will be more and more of them in the future 😊

Today we present you two new ones: Text πŸ’¬ and Link πŸ”—.

Link Attachment πŸ”—

Link attachment allows you to pin a link to a website on the event page. Just redirect people to the resource you need. This will be especially useful for people who use Hapen to plan live streams and webinars. Now users can go to the streaming platform directly from the event page.

It will look like this:

In addition, it will be useful for people who are planning to release their content/product at some point in time. For example, you are launching your new product and want more people to know about this event. Add a link attachment to your site, and interested people can go to your site directly from the event page.

Link Attachment Demo

Text Attachment πŸ’¬

Text attachment allows you to attach a small text description to an event that is 240 characters long.

This is especially useful when you need to tell people something about an upcoming event. For example, your group chat plans to make a joint call in discord. After creating an event page, you can add a text attachment with the topics you are going to discuss or any other information.


Guys, let's get to know each other better on this call. Each of us will introduce ourselves and tell each other about them and their projects. It will be fun!

Event Backgrounds πŸ–Ό

Earlier, we showcased a feature that allows you to add backgrounds to the event page. From now on, you can add a beautiful background to any event created in dashboard!

While editing an event, you can upload the background from your device, or pick up any image from Unsplash. We will be working on new ways to upload backgrounds 😸

Batman Most Wanted Event Demo

This can increase attention to your event and set the right mood. The background image is also used in the preview of the link to your event (opengraph tags).

Newsletter πŸ’Œ

We have launched a newsletter! Subscribe to get ready-made recipes for using Hapen in your business. We will also send you information about upcoming features and released updates.

What's next?

See our upcoming features page!